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The Web Version of Equinox does not support high definition screen resolutions and larger texture resolutions. To view Equinox at maximum quality, download the PC version at the bottom of the page.


Keyboard and Xbox 360 Controller Support

  • Supports Keyboard and Xbox 360 Controller for menu navigation. The key press icons on the menus change according to the most recent input device used. You'll see ESC and RETURN keys shown when the keyboard is being used and buttons A, B shown when the Xbox 360 Controller is being used.
  • The input device is checked in code and the icons are switched depending the current input device.

Character Select Screen

  • Players can select one of three characters in the character selection menu. Upon choosing a character, more information about the character's backstory is revealed along with character statistics such as Attack, Durability and Speed in a circular progress bar format.

  • Transparency was used on the UI elements to give it a very classy yet elegant look.

Audio Options

  • Players can adjust the Music Volume, SFX Volume by moving the sliders to the left or right using the left/right arrow keys or A / S on the keyboard and the Left Analog Stick or the Left/Right D-PAD on the Xbox 360 Controller.
  • A Toggle button was utilized to implement the Mute button in the audio options.

Graphic Options

  • Players can adjust the Resolution used by the monitor to display the interface. The interface detects all 16:9 resolutions supported by the monitor and lists them in a drop-down menu. The resolution option is disabled in the web build.
  • Players can also adjust the visual quality of the interface under the Quality drop-down menu. There are three options: High, Medium and Low. The different options for Quality change the Texture Quality/Size used for the interface.

Camera Motion

  • When switching between the different menus, the camera position is tweened to the target camera position with a motion blur applied using the Amplify Motion plugin.


  • UI background elements and Camera blur are subtly tweened to give it a very elegant and dynamic look.


The PC Version of Equinox supports high definition screen resolutions and larger texture resolutions.

Background Photography by Karthik Subramanyam